Council pledge to boost flood protection

MEMBERS of Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee have pledged a further £365,000 to boost flood protection in Carnoustie.

At a meeting on Tuesday, the committee received an update on the investigations and remedial works carried out by the council as part of the Barry Burn Flood Prevention Scheme.

This includes the fitting of a non-return valve to the outlet of the Waterybutts Ditch culvert to the Barry Burn to prevent a back flow from the Barry Burn occurring and the dredging of the Barry Burn channel to remove build up of silt.

A system for monitoring the burn during high water has been put in place and advice has been issued to homeowners in the area on how to protect their properties has also been undertaken.

Further work agreed by the committee includes the design and installation of sheet piles to create a floodwall at the burn levee to protect the properties on the south side of MacDonald Smith Drive, work to underpin a flood wall, the creation of an Emergency Operational Flood Plan for the Barry Burn, and to continue the investigations into the implementation of a multifunction flood warning system.

Committee convener David May commented: “A significant amount of work has already been undertaken to tackle flooding in the west end of Carnoustie.

“The decision of the committee should further reassure residents that the council and its partners will continue to work together to implement effective public flood protection measures.”