Council scores highly in survey

ANGUS scored highly for resident satisfaction in a recent survey of Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

The report, by Lowland Market Research, is the first to compare results from all council areas although a citizens’ survey is carried out on behalf of Angus Council every two years.

Angus scored satisfaction levels higher than the national average in 14 out of 16 categories and residents were the most satisfied in Scotland in terms of their refuse collection, street litter, feeling safe after dark and open space facilities.

The last Angus Council survey was carried out in 2011 and the results from that exercise, gleaned from interviews with more than 1,500 residents, were used to compile data for the authority area.

In a report to the council’s strategic policy committee this week, chief executive Richard Stiff said: “Councils throughout Scotland have adopted a variety of different approaches to research the views of citizens and Lowland Marketing Research has undertaken an analysis of these surveys and identified a number of questions or types of questions that are asked by other councils and been able to compare the responses of one council with another.

“From an analysis of the sixteen areas in which Angus opinion can be compared with opinion in other council areas, it is worth nothing that Angus is above the average score in fourteen, has the same as the average score in one and is below the average score in one.

“The fourteen areas in which satisfaction levels are above the average score are in regard to being able to have a say on local services, collection of street litter and rubbish, street cleaning, refuse collection, road maintenance, pavement maintenance, street lighting, feeling safe after dark, libraries, parks and green spaces, shopping facilities, facilities for teenagers, contact with the council and, finally, satisfaction that the council provides good value for money.