Council U-turn on school bus proposal

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A decision by Angus Council to keep the Muirdrum school bus service as it is has been welcomed by local MSP Graeme Dey.

Last month the local authority had initiated a consultation with Muirdrum residents over the possibility of discontinuing the current school bus service which takes pupils in the village to Carnoustie High and Carlogie Primary.

It had been proposed instead that the children make use of the footpath which links the village with Carnoustie.

However, parents had voiced strong opposition and were strongly supported by Mr Dey.

The main objections to the proposal revolved around the safety of the footpath, which runs alongside one of the main arteries into Carnoustie, has a speed limit of 60mph and in places is unlit, creating a potential issue during the winter months, plus the possibility of the weather making the path unusable.

Once the consultation ended, the local authority wrote to parents in Muirdrum informing them that the bus service would contionue to operate.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “We would like to thank everyone for responding to the consultation. Based on the feedback, the service will remain as is.”

Mr Dey welcomed the decision from Angus Council and commented: “This was, for a number of safety related and practical reasons, a proposal that really wasn’t appropriate and I am glad that common sense has prevailed.”

The footpath and safe route between Muirdrum and Carnoustie was created with £48,000 of Cycling Walking Safer Streets funding.