Councillor demands urgent action


A CARNOUSTIE councillor called for a site meeting about a busy junction just days before a second accident occurred there, writes Johnston Ralston.

Councillor Helen Oswald met with Angus Council officers at the Kinloch Street and Links Avenue junction last Thursday, just days before the second crash there in less than a month.

On Saturday morning at around 10.45 a.m. an ambulance was called to the scene of a two car collision involving a silver Peugeot and a red Renault hatchback.

No injuries were reported to have been sustained and the vehicles were uplifted at 11.45 a.m. ending a brief blocking of the road.

Councillor Oswald said: “I arranged a site meeting on March 1 with a roads department manager and the roads policing unit to discuss the increasing incidence of accidents at the junction of Links Avenue and Kinloch Street.

“This meeting was also attended by a member of the public who had made contact with me about this.

“It was agreed by all present that while there was no apparent reason, other than driver behaviour, the junction lines needed to be refreshed and that investigations into warnings of a crossroads ahead should be made.

“I have asked that these matters be dealt with on an extremely urgent basis.”

On February 11 a similar incident occurred when two cars collided at the same junction, resulting in a man being reported to the procurator fiscal.