Councillor hopes for car park resurfacing in time for Open

A CARNOUSTIE councillor is pressing for resurfacing works on the Black Slab car park after it was designated as a VIP parking area for the British Women’s Open in July.

The Carnoustie Championship Course will be playing host to the world’s best female golfers later in the year and at Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee last week, it was agreed the Black Slab area would be used for VIP parking.

However, at the meeting Councillor Brian Boyd, who was attending his first infrastructure committee meeting since being elected, raised the issue that the area is full of pot holes and is not level.

And with all those connected with the world of women’s golf ready to descend on the town in July, Councillor Boyd is hoping it can be resurfaced, which will not only benefit VIP parking but Carnoustie residents in the future.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “During the meeting I brought up the state of the Black Slab car park and as reports stated it is going to be used as a car park for the ladies’ open, I am pressing for it to be resurfaced before the event.

“The head of the Open project has met with me and they said they would do their utmost to try and have it resurfaced.”

Along with resurfacing work, Councillor Boyd is also keen to see traffic calming measures installed in a bid to stop drivers racing their cars in the area.

He has also brought this up with the council and officers are looking in to the proposal.

He added: “I was out for a walk on Saturday evening and it was still being used as a race track which is unacceptable and I will now try and resolve this.

“One of the ways may be to install traffic calming measures but his would be after the Open.”

Other areas that are subjected to an order from Angus Council relating to the Women’s Open include the putting green which will become the hospitality area, the area adjacent to the golf hotel which will house a tented village and the golf courses, which can only be accessed by paying the appropriate entrance fee.