Councillor is worried about drug culture

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A Carnoustie councillor has spoken out about the increasing misuse of cocaine in the local area saying it is a serious issue.

Bill Bowles says the drug is almost readily available to buy across Tayside and in towns such as Carnoustie.

His comments came after Police Scotland revealed a 45 per cent dip in the detection of drugs supply, production and cultivation in its first operation report.

However, officers have been carrying out a series of raids, including one in Arbroath last week, targeting drug distributors and serious and organised crime.

But Mr Bowles says he is worried at how easy it is to obtain the drug and hopes more resources are deployed into tackling the problem.

He said: “It is so easy to get cocaine, surprisingly so even in places like Carnoustie.

“There seems to be a reduction in the amount of drugs recovered as they are targeting more high level people.

“But I believe more effort and resources need to be put to this issue as this is just scratching the surface and is the tip of the iceberg.”

Police have said that it is disappointing to see a reduction in recovery but are hoping communities will benefit from them targeting serious and organised crime.

But Mr Bowles is concerned cocaine could become the norm given its status as a ‘party’ drug.

He added: “More and more it is almost becoming acceptable to take cocaine, which is a 
big issue.

“It seems taking it has just become part of 
partying and this worries me intensely.”