Councillor requests special street signs

CARNOUSTIE councillor Helen Oswald has written to Angus Council’s director of infrastructure services, Mr Eric Lowson, asking if special street signs could be commissioned in honour of the town’s two Victoria Cross winners.

She said: “You may be aware that Carnoustie has two VCs. Each of these brave men has a street named after him - Jarvis Place and Samson Place.

“There are plaques commemorating their bravery which have recently been refurbished and are to be mounted on a stone and placed within the area where the two streets are situated, but not in the actual streets themselves.

“I would like it if you could arrange to have costs for new street signs which would be slightly larger than normal which would read ‘Jarvis Place’ then underneath, ‘named in honour of Lance Corporal Charles Jarvis, VC’, and ‘Samson Place’ then underneath, ‘in honour of Petty Officer George Samson, VC’.

She has suggested that, once costings come forward, if there is no funding in the roads department budget a Community Grant could be applied for.

Councillor Oswald also expressed her satisfaction that the resurfacing of Barry Road is going ahead.

She told the Guide & Gazette: “Since I was elected to represent Carnoustie & District in 2007, I have been raising the issue of the state of Barry Road.

“I was delighted last year when I was told it was being scheduled into this year’s programme. Most of the delays were due to ongoing issues with Scottish Water and I am pleased these have been resolved to the extent that the resurfacing can go ahead.

“I know there will be disruptions to traffic and inconvenience to those who live nearby but hopefully they will be kept to a minimum and when the works are completed it will have been worthwhile.”