Councillor says ‘Daleks’ are on our High Street

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A CARNOUSTIE councillor has objected to new litter bins she say look like Daleks!

SNP councillor Helen Oswald said she is unhappy with the new style of bins that have replaced the old litter bins.

She said: “I walked along Carnoustie’s High Street today and was horrified at the replacement litter bins that have been installed. These are oversized for our High Street, ugly - they look like Daleks and in my view, totally incongruous in the setting.

“They look like industrial bins. One of them has been placed directly in front of the recently refurbished information board at the Fairway site.”

According to Councillor Oswald the new-look bins do not fit aesthetically with plans to regenerate the heart of Carnoustie.

She said: “We are all trying to invigorate our High streets and make them attractive places. These bins detract from any ambiance there might be and in fact dominate the whole street scene.”

Councillor Oswald has written to Angus Council requesting the new bins be replaced as they are unsuited to the town centre.

When asked for a comment a spokesperson for Angus Council said: “New style bins have been provided in Carnoustie and Brechin High Streets, and are due to be put in place in Forfar in the near future.

“The new bins provide a uniform look along high streets, and have fitted ashtrays to encourage people to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.

“This forms part of a general campaign to remind people that fines will in future be imposed for dropping cigarette ends.

“Montrose High Street bins have been fitted with ashtrays and we are currently looking at the bins in other Angus towns.

“As well as having fitted ashtrays, the new bins provided in Carnoustie are sturdier and easier to weigh down.

“They are prominently displayed to encourage correct disposal of litter and have dimpled surfaces to discourage flyposting and graffiti.

“Carnoustie now benefits from two extra bins in the main thoroughfare – one outside the Co-op and another beside the bus-stop at the ACCESS office.”