Councillor slams Scottish Water for lack of urgency

Mr McLoughlan and the pipe which Scottish Water have promised for the last three weeks to fix.
Mr McLoughlan and the pipe which Scottish Water have promised for the last three weeks to fix.

A CARNOUSTIE man has been left frustrated by the inaction of Scottish Water to help him fix a burst pipe.

John McLaughlan (68), Charles Street, has been plagued by a burst water pipe in his front garden, which has for the last three weeks caused a constant stream of water to flow onto the pavement and road.

Mr McLaughlan said the leak was first noticed by his wife two weekends ago after a night out, and Scottish Water were contacted the next morning.

He added that while Scottish Water were quick to send a team out to investigate the source, they have not been back to remedy the problem.

Mr McLaughlan believes this is because the burst pipe is on his property and he has been informed by Scottish Water that it is his responsibility to fix.

However, he explained: “Scottish Water need to show me where the tap is to turn the water off before I can have repairs made.

“I’ve contacted them every day to ask when they will send someone, and every day it is the same answer – ‘tomorrow’.

“It’s very, very frustrating. People have to step round the water and onto the road. Sometimes you see them look up at the house and then looking in the window as much to say ‘what are you doing about this?”

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “Scottish Water would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in responding to this customer.

“Our engineers in the area have been responding to a high number of major customer issues including flooding.

“We are aware that Mr McLaughlan’s issue was neither affecting his water supply nor causing any internal damage to his property and as such, priority was given to customers experiencing these concerns.

“We would like to reassure the customer that we will be sending out a team to carry out the necessary work tomorrow (Wednesday).”

Councillor Brian Boyd, added: “It’s great that they are finally responding to Mr McLaughlan’s problem, but all too often I come across problems of delays with Scottish Water.

“Winter Place, Carlogie Road, Kinloch Street, and, of course, Barry Road to name a few.

“I plan to meet up with Graeme Dey, our new MSP, to discuss what the Scottish Government plan to do with Scottish Water as this cannot continue. All too often the council is blamed for this where the problem often lies with Scottish Water.

“As I have stated in the past, I find both Scottish Water and Network Rail a law unto themselves.”