Councillors’ beach appeal

CARNOUSTIE councillors are calling on beach users to exercise some personal responsibility this summer.

After piles of rubbish were discovered this week strewn across the award winning bathing area, residents and local councillors have been incensed.

Independent councillor Brian Boyd asks that people tidy up after themselves. He said: “People have to take responsibility for their own rubbish.

“The council do a few beach cleans throughout the year, and there is a guy who collects rubbish every day.

“He is a very devoted man, he even goes down to the beach on his week off to make sure that everything is ok.

“There are plenty of bins already, and I had another one installed at Ballister Park. The council can only do so much and they are trying to keep on top of things.”

Community Councillor Davina Sturrock supplied the Guide & Gazette with pictures of the littering, and shed some light on the matter.

Councillor Sturrock said that the problem has been getting worse and that two weeks ago she collected a sizeable haul from an area of sand no bigger than a desk.

There were empty lager bottles, bottles of spirits, a frisbee, ladies’ shoes size five and all the trappings of an abandoned barbecue picnic.

She added: “They had dismantled a disposable barbecue, and left the razor sharp mesh sticking in the sand.

“I cut my hands trying to pick it up, and if a child or a dog had come up against it, they would have been cut to shreds.”

After finding smashed bottles in the sand on Monday, Davina said she may have to involve the Community Council in a clean-up operation if matters do not improve.