Councillors pass comment on lack of Co-op filling station

Carnoustie Co-op new site.
Carnoustie Co-op new site.

It has emerged that the Co-operative did not believe a filling station was a “viable option” at its new Barry Road store which is still under construction.

The Guide & Gazette approached the Co-operative for a comment about their plans following the mixed public reaction to the omission of a pump.

A spokesperson for The Co-operative Food said: “The Co-operative Food is proud of its track record of operating at the heart of communities across Scotland, and we are confident our new store in Barry Road will be an asset to the area. However, we don’t feel a petrol station at this location would be a viable option.”

All three Carnoustie councillors expressed disappointment at the announcement.

Councillor Brian Boyd said: “A petrol station may not have been viable at this site but it could be at its flagship High Street store where there is plenty of space for a petrol station.

“The Co-op may think it has a great track record of operating at the heart of communities with combined petrol stations and food stores in Arbroath and Forfar to name a few but they are letting Carnoustie down.

“I now plan to have a meeting with their senior management to see if this could be feasible in their store’s carpark off our High Street.”

Angus Provost and SNP councillor for Carnoustie Helen Oswald hoped that there could be alternative options for fuelling provision.

She said: “It is disappointing that the co-op has responded negatively about the viability of a petrol station in Barry Road. There is a real feeling in the town that a fuel station is needed and we can only hope that some other operator can provide one and that the townspeople will support it if it comes. I cannot make any other comment as this could be construed as prejudicial in a future planning application.”

Fellow councillor Bill Bowles added: “I am very disappointed in the response from the Co-op.

“Carnoustie is in desperate need of a petrol station and the views and wishes of the people in this town have been disregarded by this company who, without consultation, have decided what is best for our townsfolk.

“Having a small supermarket at the Brown Street location will do nothing positive for the town centre and nothing but harm to the two existing grocery businesses at the west end of the town.”