Counter service could be lost

Public counter services could be withdrawn from Carnoustie police station as part of a wider Police Scotland review.

A spokeswoman for Tayside Division said: “There are no current plans for any police stations in Tayside Division to close. The review is looking at public service counters and the proposal is that in some stations this function will cease whilst in other stations opening times will change. These proposals have been made following public counter demand surveys at every police station in Tayside.”

Graeme Dey, MSP for Angus South, commented: “The proposed withdrawal of a counter service from Carnoustie reflects both an apparent lack of demand for such access and the positive changing nature of policing delivery.

“Since Police Scotland came into being we have had the highly successful Community Officer programme enhanced with officers redeployed from other duties to take on roles in Arbroath and Inspector level support provided for the county which I very much welcome and the counter changes suggested for Carnoustie need to be viewed against that bigger picture.”