Creepy rethink of Scottish dark deeds

A book released yesterday (Thursday) by a Carnoustie author has put a ‘Twilight’ spin on a dark episode of Scottish history.

‘Shot Through The Heart’ by Ed James tackles the controversial subject of the Clearances, the enforced emigration of tenant farmers from 19th century Scotland.

Now Ed, also known as Jamie Thompson, has given the Clearances a 21st century twist, offering an eerier explanation than simple sheep farming and a dying clan system.

Following the disappearance of a researcher studying the Clearances clues reveal the real reason why families were forced from their homes.

Devil worship, a savage wild dog and vampires all feature in the novel, which is being tipped for success on both sides of the Atlantic. While it shares more with Twilight than historical fact, Jamie hopes it will rekindle interest in the topic.

He explained: “I’ve been fascinated by the Clearances for years and I didn’t intend to go this way with it, originally. The subject still hits a nerve and it was this idea of the Clearances being one of Scotland’s ghosts that got me thinking in terms of re-imagining it completely. It is a subject which has left many scars and this book is not written as a historical commentary. Neither is it intended to belittle the subject. It is simply an artistic reinvention of an oft-told story, with a supernatural edge.”