Action needed on ‘street footie’

Residents in Carnoustie’s High Street have raised the issue of youngsters playing football in the town’s main thoroughfare.

According to one man, who did not wish to be named, use the High Street on any evening and you will be greeted by youths who use the area as a pitch!

“It’s ridiculous,” said the man. “We are fortunate in Carnoustie to be blessed with many green areas where you can play football, so why are they choosing to play football in the High Street?

“In my opinion it is only a matter of time before a house or a shop window is broken.”

But more concerning said the man is trying to get it stopped.

“It was so bad the other night – a ball bounced off the window – I called the police number, but didn’t get an answer,” he added.

“I’m certainly not confronting these youths myself, so I wish something could be done.”

Police Scotland could not comment as the complainant had been unable to report it.