Angus driver fails to get licence back

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A disqualified driver today (Wednesday) failed in a bid to get his licence back - after previously receiving three separate life bans.

Scott Petrie, who is formerly of Arbroath, was put off the road permanently in 1998 after a series of driving offences - before being handed a second life ban just 12 months later.

He then managed to rack up a third indefinite disqualification - but continued to repeatedly flout road laws right up until 2011.

Petrie, who is now understood to live in England, was given a five year ban that year by a Magistrates Court down south for yet another offence.

Now, just six months after that ban ran out and while still subject to a treble life ban, Petrie today begged for his licence back.

His lawyer, Grant Bruce, told Dundee Sheriff Court: “His son has certain difficulties that require transport from his parents.

“Having his licence back would allow him to assist.

“He has not offended in any way for over five years.”

But Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC refused the application.

She said: “He was disqualified for life three times and also disqualified again several times.

“These life bans are not imposed lightly.

“I have to think of the protection of the public.

“His conduct subsequent to these life bans is not good.

“He repeatedly drove while disqualified.

“That does not really support the application.”