Burgled grocer is cold but not disheartened after theft

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An award-winning Carnoustie grocer has highlighted the generally crime-free nature of the town after her shop was broken into this week.

Bethany Bowles, owner of Gather on the High Street, was roused from her sleep just after midnight on Tuesday to be told that her shop had been robbed.

It appears that the window was smashed with a small boulder and five bottles of artisan alcohol in the window display were taken.

Though angered by the incident Bethany, who was recently named Young Woman of the Year at the Women Ahead Business Awards, has pointed out that this type of incident is almost unheard of.

She told the Gazette: “This very rarely happens in Carnoustie. It’s not discouraging at all. “

Gather already has an alarm and cameras fitted, and Bethany briefly considered bars, shutters or something similar after the break-in.

She said: “The police’s attitude was that it was so rare in Carnoustie that the cost would far outweigh the need. Also I don’t want my shop to look like that.

“I want it to look attractive all the time. That’s the vision we have for Carnoustie, it’s a safe and nice place to do business and come to shop.”

The response from the community has also been heartening. Bethany said: “The ladies from Olive’s came over with flowers and my friends at The Food Life bunched together to get me a card and flowers.

“Dave Christie, the joiner, was amazing, he came out in the middle of the night and boarded up the window. It was so great of him to do that.

“I was speaking to one of my suppliers and they even offered to drop off any spare bottles they had lying around.”

The break-in has been an upsetting nuisance. Bethany explained: “The bottles are valued at just under £200 RRP. My insurance excess is £250 to fix the window. Dave Christie said it could be well over £1000.

“My stock cover excess is £300 so it’s not even worth claiming for the bottles.

“Also the shop is really very cold with the hole in the window!

“It’s nothing that can’t be fixed but it’s still money at the end of the day. It’s more frustrating and annoying than anything else.

“For what they took it is so pointless.”

It is hoped that the window can be repaired this week.

At the time of going to print a 24-year-old man had been detained in connection with the incident.