Commissioner cuts haulage company licence

THE OPERATOR licence of a local haulage company has been curtailed by the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland, Joan Aitken, and the two remaining drivers’ licences have been suspended for a period of months.

Ms Aitken called the operator, E.G. Chassar, the transport manager and six drivers to a conjoined public inquiry and driver conduct hearings held in Edinburgh in June following receipt of an adverse report from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

E.G. Chassar held a standard international goods vehicle operator licence for five vehicles and six trailers. Their business was mainly in potato haulage operating from Upper Balmachie.

Mr Albert E.G. Chassar, partner, transport manager and driver; his brother Mr John Chassar, partner and driver, and Mr Alastair Hudson, driver, attended the public inquiry/driver conduct hearings. The remaining three drivers did not attend.

The Traffic Commissioner found that the operator had exceeded the number of vehicles on their licence, that driver hours and tachograph records had been altered, that there was a lack of monitoring of drivers’ hours and that the operator had failed to notify her of a new business partner and a change in the operating centre location.

Ms Aitken reduced the operator licence to two vehicles and four trailers with immediate effect. Any variation to this can be made after a year, however it will need to be made in a formal application.

She suspended Mr Albert Chassar’s large goods vehicle driver licence for three months, suspended Mr John Chassar’s licence for four months and revoked Mr Hudson’s licence leaving him disqualified for one year.