Computer scam warning

A READER has been in touch to issue a general warning about a telephone ‘scam’ aimed at computer users.

Denis Speirs explained: “Last Wednesday I received a telephone call from a chap with an Asian accent. He said he was calling from Windows technical department.

“Apparently ‘they’ had detected viruses on my computer. He wanted me to type a load of stuff into the config box. When I started asking for more information he put me through to the ‘technical department’.

“A lady with a similar accent continually tried to speak through my questions. When I was able to ask the duration of the information they said they had the reply was ‘over the last two weeks’.

“I explained I had only had my new computer two days!”

Mr Speirs went on: “There was a silence for a few moments, perhaps that angle was not on their script. She continued with the same tripe. I asked where they are based and she replied Bradford. I asked for the telephone number. Needless to say it doesn’t ring out.

“At that point I hung up.”

Mr Speirs explained that after going on the web he found a site with many similar instances from all over the world. He said that one or two had fallen for it and had their bank/Paypal accounts robbed.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “ People need to be aware  of this scam, where callers use known trademark names such as  Microsoft and Windows to attach credibility to their activities.

“Our trading standards officers advise that when members of the public receive such calls, they should not switch on their computers,  nor allow access through their security set up to anyone.

“For advice, contact trading standards through the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”