Daylight police raid in Broughty Ferry

HOUSEHOLDERS in a quiet residential area of Broughty Ferry were shocked last week when a police raid took place in their street and two men were arrested.

Neighbours described seeing officers in riot gear as the operation was carried out in Abernethy Road. They looked on in amazement as the activity unfolded while children from nearby Barnhill Primary School enjoyed their break unaware of the drama.

Once officers had gained access to the flats in question, dog handlers entered the properties while CID officers were also present helping to co-ordinate the operation.

A neighbour who was working in a flat below one of those raided said he thought a fight had broken out above him. He said that he heard bangs from the property and thought it might have been from people fighting on the stairs. However, when he looked out of the door he saw police coming back out of the close.

Two men were arrested and later appeared in court on charges of drugs possession. Both pleaded not guilty and will stand trial in August.