Drivers failed to heed warnings

A TOTAL of 238 drivers were detected for speeding, two vehicles were seized for repeated inappropriate driving under Antisocial Behaviour legislation and three drivers were charged with careless or dangerous driving during the Tayside Police campaign focusing on speeding and inappropriate driving at the weekend.

Constable Aileen Walker, based in Tayside Police’s road policing unit, said: “It is unfortunate that so many drivers have not taken heed of our road safety messages despite all of our warnings and have been detected speeding during the campaign.

“Amongst those detected were a driver travelling at 98 mph on the A90 and a van driver travelling at 46 mph in a 30 mph limit in a built up area. This is not only potentially dangerous and inconsiderate but displays a selfish and irresponsible attitude to the public and other road users.

“It is important that all road users comply with road traffic legislation which is designed to improve road safety for all.”

She went on: “Those drivers traced using their vehicles in an antisocial manner will also have to pay to get their cars back. We sincerely hope that this will encourage them to drive sensibly in the future and there will be no repetition.”

In addition, there were 12 drivers detected for drink/drug driving. Three of these were reported to the police by members of the public and a further two were traced as a result of collisions. The highest readings provided were 99 and 95 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, nearly three times the limit, with the remainder being in the range of 54 to 79 microgrammes.

Constable Walker commented: “All of these drivers had consumed various quantities of alcohol over different periods but all must have been fully aware of their actions and by doing so placed themselves, their passengers and other road users at risk.

“They failed to take account of our warnings and will now appear before the courts and find out the full effect this behaviour will have on their own and their families lives. Two of these were involved in collisions but thankfully and luckily no one was injured.”

During the campaign, Tayside Police continued to deal with offences in relation to the wearing of seatbelts and use of mobile ‘phones. Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty for £60 were issued to 14 drivers for not wearing a seatbelt and 21 drivers for using their mobile ‘phone whilst driving. In addition, the latter drivers will also have three penalty points endorsed onto their licence.

Penalty notices were also issued for a number of other road traffic offences including failing to obey red traffic lights and pedestrian crossing offences. As a result of offences relating to motorists with no insurance or no driving licence, five drivers had their vehicles seized under road traffic legislation and they will also have to pay over £100 to get their car returned, irrespective of having to deal with the original offence.

Constable Walker added: “It is apparent that there are still too many drivers who think that they can get away with flouting the law and still take chances with their own and other people’s lives.

“There is no place for this and it is really encouraging that members of the public continue to report these drivers. We are still seeing thoughtless and inappropriate driving behaviour throughout Tayside and we will continue to take appropriate action to discourage errant drivers and deal with offenders robustly.

“Although this particular campaign has passed, Tayside Police will continue to be proactive 24 hours a day in respect of road safety providing education and enforcing legislation where appropriate.”