Efficacy of CCTV questioned

CARNOUSTIE businessman Dave McNicoll, proprietor of Carnoustie Golf Shop, High Street, wonders if CCTV cameras are worth all the bother and expense.

As chronicled in the Guide & Gazette last week, Mr McNicoll’s shop window was recently smashed for the second time with a huge boulder being thrown throught it.

The incident occurred at at 4 o’clock on a Saturday morning

The owner wonders if he is being targeted, as there is no source of missiles the size of the one he recovered from his shop in the vicinity.

The offending boulder was found to have travelled 25 feet into the shop and glass from the impact was strewen the length of the floor.

Damage has been estimated at about £1,500.

This week Mr McNicoll received news from Tayside Police that a search of CCTV tapes from the camera which covers the area had been “negative”.

He told the Guide & Gazette this week: “It makes you wonder if CCTV is worthwhile.

“Surely someone would have been picked up at that time of the morning.

“Perhaps the cameras are switched off after a certain time at night or the automatic movement stops.

“If the camera had picked someone up in the vicinity, I might have been able to identify the person.

“Perhaps it might have been someone I had asked to leave the shop.”

Mr McNicoll stressed that the local police have been most helpful at all times but it has reached the sstage where he concerned with regard to the bigger picture.

He concluded: “I am concerned for retailers and car owners in Carnoustie who think they are protected by CCTV.

“As my experience shows, this is certainly not the case.”