Kamikaze capers

MEMBERS of Carnoustie & District Crime Prevention Panel have been shocked to learn that, despite sterling efforts by local police and High School staff, several young BMX bikers are still putting their lives at risk by riding without brakes down Carnoustie’s steepest streets.

Constable Mark Callison told the members at their recent meeting that this continued flouting of the law has resulted in further strong action. Letters have been sent out to parents highlighting the dangers of this practice, the community safety issue and what the law requires.

If there is a second offence, police will confiscate the cycle, charge the rider, and details will be sent to the Reporter.

The legal requirement for all bicycles, including BMX bikes, when cycling on public roads is two functioning brakes. Some of these bikes have no brakes at all.

Kay Landsburgh of the Crime Prevention Panel told the Guide & Gazette: “If parents could see how these lads hurtle down West Path or Queen Street, putting a foot behind them to slow down the back wheel, they would surely be horrified.

“It is all very well performing these stunts on a BMX track, but this is when the roads are full of parents’ cars and pupils walking to or from the High School. I don’t suppose many folk nowadays know what kamikaze pilots were, but they never returned from their missions!”

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