Leisure Centre litter trail

AN IRELAND Street resident is fed up with the debris he finds most mornings on the public path behind Carnoustie Leisure Centre.

He commented: “Anyone using the path in the morning will be familiar with the sight of bottles and rubbish scattered in and around the area known as ‘the skate board park’. I regularly count in excess of 40 containers and double that number of bags and boxes scattered around.

“There are five waste bins within a radius of 20 metres, including a waste bin situated on site. I recently brought this eyesore to the attention of a passing councillor out walking his dog.”

Councillor Brian Boyd told the Guide & Gazette: “First of all I was the councillor he met!

“In fairness to the youngsters, last week the council had removed some bins but they have now been replaced.

“I, too, walk my dog every morning and am disappointed at the litter that is left but this was worse last week and is not only at the proposed skatepark area as I often I see more rubbish left in the beach car park at the railway station.

“This can only be left by adults dumping rubbish from cars and I plan to have a word with the community wardens about this and see that they are fined for their illegal behaviour.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The public path behind Carnoustie leisure centre is a high amenity area and thoughtless littering spoils its appearance.

“Angus Council has a routine for dealing with litter in the busy public areas in Carnoustie as elsewhere in Angus, but we remind members of the public that it is an offence to litter, and a fixed penalty notice of £50 can be issued to anyone caught dropping litter.

“Much time and effort goes into keeping the streets and other areas of our towns and villages clean and litter free and we ask the public to help by disposing of litter responsibly.”

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