Man assaulted by gang

THE OWNER of an award-winning Carnoustie pub has revealed that the thuggish behaviour of a biker gang has forced him to drastically upgrade security.

Proprietor of the 19th Hole, Allan Frier-Myles told the Guide & Gazette that extra CCTV and a panic button were installed this week as a direct result of an incident on Saturday night.

At around 8.30 p.m. what appeared to be a disagreement between biker groups resulted in a member of the band Mr Spider, who were due to play, being assaulted outside the establishment on Ferrier Street.

Speaking on Tuesday, Allan was able to piece together events using the bar’s CCTV coverage. He said: “Twelve bikers trooped in one after the other. They had a talk with one of the band members before dragging him outside, and I believe he was then assaulted outside. On our CCTV it shows him being dragged out, but there is no CCTV outside, but we will have by this time tomorrow as a direct result of this.”

Allan has been in the licensed trade for 12 years and added: “I have never seen anything like that. The mentality of 12 people to come in and attack one person. I used to operate the old Foreigners in Dundee, which was a biker club. I’m personal friends with many bikers and they’re all decent people.”

Allan has spent this week speeding up his security overhaul, he explained: “First thing on Monday I ordered an additional six cameras to cover inside and out. High definition, high spec cameras to add to our existing system. It’s a project we have already been undertaking but it has been given extra impetus. There were three female bar staff on, simply because there’s never any trouble and we have worked hard to get it that way. We are looking at staffing, I wouldn’t have any group of staff working in any conditions where there was any kind of threat.”

Two men, aged 39 and 45, were originally detained to assist police with inquiries but were later released without charge. Police are still investigating the incident and are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 0300 111 2222.