Man tried to sneak into pensioner’s home

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A concerned Arbroath pensioner has warned about the dangers of leaving windows open following a terrifying late night encounter with an intruder.

The lady, who declined to be named, received a terrible shock in her Andy Stewart Court sheltered housing flat after 10pm on Tuesday, June 16.

According to the lady she was sitting watching television when she saw movement outside her ground floor flat window, but assumed it was a deliveryman visiting a neighbour. She said: “It’s supposed to be a very secure place but they can get in. It’s so dark up there at night.

“I was sitting in the living room and I don’t have a light on when I’m sitting watching the telly. I looked and saw something moving and saw a boy in the window.”

She had gone through to check on a window that was left slightly ajar in order to charge her mobility scooter only to discover it was wide open.

She said: “Next thing this boy’s head comes through the window, of course what did I do? I just screamed blue murder and he disappeared.”

The man attempted to escape over an eight foot fence but failed, then came back through the complex and over an eight foot gate onto Cliffburn Road.

The lady continued: “I called 999, eventually they got sense out of me and the police were great, came in five or 10 minutes, they were really good. Something has to be done because there’s more and more folk with dementia in here.”

Andy Stewart Court is run by Angus Council, and a spokesperson for the local authority said: “We are aware of the incident and contacted the police.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland added: “Police Scotland is investigating a break-in to a flat that happened at Andy Stewart Court, Cliffburn Road, Arbroath at about 10.15pm on Tuesday, June 16. Fortunately no items were stolen in the incident.

“Residents are reminded to ensure that doors and windows are secured, especially with the good weather. Home security is vital and that follows for any garages, sheds and outbuildings.

“Please don’t make it easy for the thief by leaving doors and windows open. Only open windows of the room you are in and do not leave valuables in clear view, or easy to reach places. If you are at home at night, lock the front and back doors - it is all too easy to be distracted by what’s on the TV and opportunist thieves will look upon an unlocked door as an open invitation. Make absolutely certain you have locked up before you go to bed at night.”