Once an accident, but twice is foul play!

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​A CARNOUSTIE businessman expressed his outrage after his shop was targeted by vandals in the early hours of the weekend.

Dave McNicoll, proprietor of the Carnoustie Golf Shop on High Street was incensed after being rousted from his bed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

He explained: “The alarm went off at one minute to four in the morning. The alarm goes off if someone tries the door or when someone is falling down drunk and leans against the window, that will set it off.”

However, Dave is not convinced this is a simple case of mindless vandalism, having had his shop window broken in mid December of last year.

He added: “This time it was a huge boulder at 4 a.m. on a Saturday. There are no boulders lying about on the High Street near the shop, they’d have to go look for one.

“It was the size of a shot-putt. It hit the window about nine foot up. They would have been on the pavement right up close by the window.

“It went through the window and a blind and over the window display and into the back of the shop.”

The offending boulder was found to have travelled 25 feet into his shop and glass from the impact was strewn across the length of the floor. The damage has been estimated at around £1,500.

Mr McNicoll added: “They knew what they were doing, which poses the question, why?”

A spokesperson for Tayside Police said: “Tayside Police is making inquiries into a window that was broken at the Carnoustie Golf Shop in the High Street.

“It happened sometime between 3.45 in the morning and 4.15 in the morning on Saturday, October 6.”

Anyone with any information should contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.