Panmure Youth FC thank volunteers for their help

THE SECRETARY of Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, Phil Hope, has expressed his thanks to volunteers from Scottish Hydro who carried out essential safety work at Pitskelly Park after vandals had spread nails across the pitches.

He explained that the workers were taking part in the company’s Community at Heart scheme which gives every employee a paid day off to do something worthwhile in the community.

He stated that the event had been planned by Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC before the nails vandalism took place and when news of the incident reached Scottish Hydro, they rounded up extra volunteers.

The club also put out requests on its social network sites for metal detectors for the squad to use.

Local metal detectorist Colin Nicol joined in the hunt for nails, while some of the volunteers carried out other safety work such as filling in rabbit holes and clearing the prickly undergrowth behind the goals.

Mr Hope praised the hard work of the volunteers. He told the Guide & Gazette: “We had highlighted some safety issues when we carried out a risk assessment as part of our SFA Quality Mark. The problem was then how to resolve them.

“We approached Ian Duff from Scottish Hydro, who was only too willing to help and we really appreciate the hard work that the team put in at the park. We were saddened by the sabotage that took place and we hope that the vandals can see that the community care about the club and the park, and that they won’t succeed in disrupting the work we do.”

President Derek Millar added: “The local parks department did a sterling job here during the week clearing up after the vandals but we’ll be asking the council to invest in protecting the community that use this park. We have over 170 children from age five to 16 using this park and we want them to feel safe while they’re here.”

The club also extended thanks to the Aboukir Hotel who provided lunch for the volunteers.