Pet chickens stolen

MEMBERS of a Barry family were left stunned by the callous actions of a group of chicken thieves recently.

The theft of the two pet chickens took place at around 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 21, at the Aviemore Farm near Barry.

The home of Jill and Brian Jamieson was approached by a couple with their eight-year-old son, who asked to take pictures of chickens for a school project.

The Jamiesons obliged and showed them their working chickens and also a trio of pet chickens belonging to their eldest daughter, Beth (11).

Brian and Jill left the family to their pictures and noticed that the young boy had jumped into the stable with the pet chickens.

At this point the boy gave Brian the thumbs up and disappeared into a waiting car, a black Mercedes 190 with German licence plates.

Jill said: “I thought they left very suddenly and I asked Brian to check on the chickens, and it was then we found that two were missing.

“Brian ran up to the road but by that time there was no trace.”

The theft was reported to the police who responded very quickly, but Jill is not optimistic about the chances of retrieving the animals.