Playing Russian roulette with dogs’ dirt in Carnoustie

Clean up after your dog.
Clean up after your dog.

Disgusted residents of Carnoustie have taken to social media to shame dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.

Frustration has spilled over onto the Our Carnoustie Facebook Page, with an endless list of streets identified as being particular hot spots for piles of dogs’ dirt.

Calls have been made for more dog bins and free bags to try to encourage owners to pick up the mess in public places.

Residents have started to name and shame the worst streets affected in the town. They include Ravensby Road, Kinloch Street, Victoria Street, James Street, Thomas Street, outside the school, Brown Street and outside the Scout Hall.

Also listed are North Burnside Street, Primrose Street, Lochend Road, Dundee Street, Golf Street, Charles Street, Taymouth Street with residents also finding dogs’ mess left in their own front gardens.

The lanes near Carlogie School have been described as “disgusting” and one resident has labelled the small park at the bottom of Ferrier Street as “an absolute disgrace.”

Another posted: “Carnoustie is one of the worst places for dog dirt. I live in Macdonald Smith Drive and the path leading up to the bridge beside the burn is revolting. It’s like a slalom getting the pram up there and I ended up with the pram wheels covered in it twice. It’s appalling and more needs to be done about it, we have reported it umpteen times to the council.”

One visitor to the town, attending a christening, was “astounded” by the amount of dog muck over the pavements.

She posted: “It was like Russian roulette to get to the church without standing in anything, my son unfortunately did not manage to come away unscathed which ended up all over the church carpet.”

In response, Angus Councillor Brian Boyd has encouraged residents to report all incidents to the Angus ACCESS line.

He posted: “I have emailed all areas of concern to the director of communities in the hope the “poover“ can tidy up these areas.

“I feel things are worse this winter. One of the reasons are the number of complaints to the ACCESS line have reduced (we need to complain directly to the council for them to be aware of the problem).

“We also need help by phoning the ACCESS line with details of the culprits i.e. the owners of the dogs. Our community wardens are regularly in town handing out penalty notices but we need your assistance with photos, information etc. The number is 03452 777 778 (8am to 6pm).”