Police crackdown on late night crime

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Local police say they are concerned by a recent upturn in late nigth disorder in local town centres which is largely fuelled by alcohol.

Tayside Division is asking revellers to look out for one another this weekend, enjoy themselves, but do so safely and responsibly.

And they add if people don’t heed the warnings they could end up in harm’s way, or in trouble with the law.

Superintendent Kevin Lynch said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe, but that is a responsibility that must be shared by every individual.

“We endeavour to raise awareness about personal safety and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, but we also need people to be responsible about their own actions and behaviour.

“Regrettably there has been an upturn in assaults and drinking to excess is undoubtedly an issue. This is not something we are prepared to tolerate and our officers will be out in the town and city centres to deter alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour and deal robustly with anyone involved in such behaviour.”

Tayside Division officers will be highly visible on patrol in town centres during the weekend, particularly at and around licensed premises, and will be carrying out proactive searches as necessary.

Officers will go in to licensed premises to highlight the importance of responsible rather than excessive drinking and will also be speaking staff to remind them of their responsibilities.

The patrols will not be exclusive to the busiest nightspots and officers will also be undertaking these activities in housing estates and villages.

As well as curtailing drink-fuelled antisocial behaviour and violence, Tayside Division is appealing to people to consider their own welfare and that of others around them.