Police investigate airgun incident

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POLICE in Monifieth are conducting inquiries after a cat was shot by an airgun pellet and later had to be put down.

Gregor Linnen (18), Ramsay Street, let his nine-month old pet, Charlie out as usual last Monday morning but when she returned and made her way to the litter tray it was obvious there was something wrong.

Mr Linnen tried to move her to find the source of the trouble and discovered that his pet had been shot.

Gregor told the Guide & Gazette: “I was devastated. Who would want to do such a thing to a pet cat?”

Charlie was quickly taken to Wallace Veterinary Centre, Ravensby Park Gardens, Carnoustie, where Jim Wallace and Laura Anderson did what they could for Charlie.

Miss Anderson explained: “Charlie had been shot through the abdomen with a pellet gun. The pellet had gone through the abdomen and penetrated the intestine and spleen before coming out the other side.”

She said that severe damage had been caused but they operated to try to repair it. Unfortunately a major infection led to Charlie being put to sleep on Thursday.

Gregor continued: “I would urge caution to all local pet owners to watch out as there is an individual out there seeking to harm animals.”

Mr Linnen’s grandmother, Margaret Copland, Church Street, commented: “Who would do such a thing to a beautiful young cat. It is quite unnerving to realise that there is someone going about the burgh with a powerful airgun.”

She thought that there had been another incident involving an airgun when a pellet was shot through the window of a house in Ashludie Terrace.

Mrs Copland concluded: “I hope the police find the person responsible before a person gets hurt.”

A spokesperson for Tayside Police stated: “’Tayside Police can confirm they received a report of a cat being injured by a pellet on Tuesday, November 6.

“Enquiries are continuing and anyone who saw anything suspicious is asked to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”

Local councillor Margaret Thomson commented: “The use and ownership of air rifles should be tightly controlled as they are dangerous and could easily kill or severely injure someone.

“As a cat owner and pet lover I detest the attitude that they form an easy target. There should be severe penalties for these actions.

“A type of restorative conversation between the shooter and pet owner would be very interesting.”