Vandals try to spike games

A CARNOUSTIE Panmure Youth FC spokesperson has described the vandals who scattered hundreds of nails across their pitch as “morons”.

On Monday night one or more people broke into the D.J. Laing-owned building site adjacent to Pitskelly Park and stole a quantity of four inch nails.

They proceeded to spread these across the park, which could have led to someone being seriously injured had they stepped or fallen onto one.

Phil Hope, club secretary, said: “Angus Council ‘phoned us on Tuesday to warn us about it.

“We immediately cancelled all outdoor activities until further notice.”

This weekend Pitskelly Park was to host four home games for the various age groups, but those will be postponed until the surface is safe.

Volunteers from Scottish and Southern Energy who regularly help maintain Pitskelly Park joined other volunteers, some with metal-detecting equipment, to clear the nails.