Warning to ‘anti-social’ drivers

DRIVERS in Angus who commit what are termed anti-social offences have been warned by Tayside Police that robust action will be taken and legislation in place to deal with such incidents will be enforced.

The warning comes following recent complaints about the standard of driving of some motorists in and around local towns and villages. Examples include drivers sounding horns late at night or when not required, revving engines excessively whilst parked, moving away from junctions at speed, noise from screeching tyres and those riding trail bikes on common land or footpaths.

This behaviour causes annoyance and misery to those experiencing it, particularly so if it is happening on a regular basis.

Powers granted under Road Traffic and Anti-Social Behaviour legislation allow officers to warn and record details of motorists found committing such offences and should the driver or the vehicle be found in the commission of a further incident of anti-social driving or behaviour, action may be taken to seize and impound the vehicle.

Drivers or owners who wish to reclaim their vehicle are faced with a minimum collection cost of £105, with unclaimed vehicles being disposed of after a period of seven days.

In some circumstances, offenders may be charged in relation to road traffic offences and dealt with by means of a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty Notice or reported to the procurator fiscal, leaving motorists with the possibility of receiving large fines or points on their licence.

Police officers enforce the legislation with the support from the local authority and community groups. In the past year, officers in Angus have warned 125 motorists and seized 35 vehicles under these powers.

Anyone who has concerns regarding anti-social driving in their area should contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.