Dancing their way to trophy success

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WELLBANK Memorial Hall was the setting for a well-attended Highland Dancing competition last Sunday, with competitors from as far afield as Aberdeenshire, Strathclyde, Falkirk, Fife and Perthshire augmenting the large local support.

Monifieth’s Isla Mitchelson was awarded the Katie Grieve Memorial Trophy

The Wellbank Annual Festival was the fifth and last in the 2012 series.

The standard of dancing was again excellent.

The main individual and group trophy winners were:


Five years: Pas de Basques - Ruby Baillie, Letham; Pas de Basques and high cuts - Ruby Baillie; Highland Fling - Ruby Baillie; Sword Dance - Ruby Baillie.

Six years: Pas de Basques - Emily Rafferty, Buckhaven; Pas de Basques and high cuts - Kayleigh Duncan, Glenrothes; Highland Fling - Emily Rafferty; Sword Dance - Kayleigh Duncan.


Eight years: Highland Fling - Lucy Simpson, Laurencekirk; Sword Dance - Anna Pearson, Laurencekirk; Seann Truibhas - Lucy Simpson; Reel - Lucy Simpson; Trophy Fling - Lucy Simpson; Flora MacDonald - Lucy Simpson; Scottish Lilt - Lucy Simpson.

Overall winner - Lucy Simpson; 2, Aimee MacDonald, Laurencekirk; 3, Anna Pearson.

Nine years and over: Highland Fling - Shannon Young, Kirriemuir; Sword Dance - Elinor Brown, Stonehaven; Seann Truibhas - Shannon Young; Reel - Cody Winterburn, Glenrothes; Trophy Fling - Cody Winterburn; Flora MacDonald - Elinor Brown; Scottish Lilt - Elinor Brown.

Overall winner - Elinor Brown; 2, Cody Winterburn; 3, Shannon Young.


10 years: Highland Fling - Baris Sungurtas, Kirriemuir; Sword Dance - Caitlin Findlay, Stonehaven; Seann Truibhas - Baris Sungurtas; Reel - Caitlin Findlay; Trophy Fling - Baris Sungurtas; Flora MacDonald - Baris Sungurtas; Scottish Lilt - Caitlin Findlay.

Overall winner - Baris Sungurtas; 2, Caitlin Findlay; 3. Katrina Lawson Stonehaven.

11 years and over: Highland Fling - Emma Webster, Aberdeen; Sword Dance - Emma Webster; Seann Truibhas - Georgia Shepherd, Newtonhill; Reel - Emma Webster; Trophy Fling - Emma Webster; Flora MacDonald - Georgia Shepherd; Scottish Lilt - Georgia Shepherd.

Overall winner - Emma Webster; 2, Georgia Shepherd; 3, Jacob Winton, Kennoway.


Nine years: Highland Fling - Ashleigh Heggie, Bathgate; Sword Dance - Lacey Turner, Kennoway; Seann Truibhas - Hannah Butchart, Stonehaven; Reel - Ashleigh Heggie; Barrack’s Johnny - Ashleigh Heggie; Flora MacDonald - Beth Nicoll, Monifieth; Scottish Lilt - Hannah Butchart; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Beth Nicoll.

Overall winner - Ashleigh Heggie; 2, Hannah Butchart; 3, Beth Nicoll.

10 years and over: Highland Fling - Carrie Mitchelson, Kellas; Sword Dance - Ailidh Masson, Markinch; Seann Truibhas - Carrie Mitchelson; Reel - Iona Baillie, Ellon; Barrack’s Johnny - Carrie Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Carrie Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Carrie Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Shannon Polson, Portlethen.

Overall winner - Carrie Mitchelson; 2, Shannon Polson; 3, Ailidh Masson.


Nine years: Highland Fling - Millie McDaid, Glenrothes; Sword Dance - Selina Gordon, Stonehaven; Seann Truibhas - Millie McDaid; Reel - Selina Gordon; Barrack’s Johnny - Selina Gordon; Flora MacDonald - Millie McDaid; Scottish Lilt - Selina Gordon; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Selina Gordon.

Overall winner - Selina Gordon; 2, Millie McDaid; 3, Allana Souter, Kirriemuir.

11 years: Highland Fling - Kirstin Mitchelson, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Kirstin Mitchelson; Seann Truibhas - Louise Barton, Cairneyhill; Reel - Kirstin Mitchelson; Barrack’s Johnny - Bethany Clark, Inverbervie; Flora MacDonald - Abbie Acheson, Edinburgh; Scottish Lilt - Kirstin Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Leila Malcolm, Kirkcaldy.

Overall winner - Kirstin Mitchelson; 2, Louise Barton; 3, Abbie Acheson.

13 years: Highland Fling - Isla Mitchelson, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Isla Mitchelson; Seann Truibhas - Isla Mitchelson; Reel - Isla Mitchelson; Barrack’s Johnny - Isla Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Isla Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Isla Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Isla Mitchelson.

Overall winner - Isla Mitchelson; 2, Natalie Struth, Monifieth; 3, Rachel Adam, Invergowrie.

15 years: Highland Fling - Megan Kay, Markinch; Sword Dance - Ailish Hassett, Kirriemuir; Seann Truibhas - Paige Duncan, Peterhead; Reel - Megan Kay; Barrack’s Johnny - Paige Duncan; Flora MacDonald - Paige Duncan; Scottish Lilt - Ailish Hassett; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Ailish Hassett.

Overall winner - Megan Kay; 2, Paige Duncan; 3, Ailish Hassett,

17 years: Highland Fling - Kerry Meehan, Stonehaven; Sword Dance - Kerry Meehan; Seann Truibhas - Kerry Meehan; Reel Kerry Meehan; Barrack’s Johnny - Lois McKay, Pittenweem; Flora MacDonald - Kerry Meehan; Scottish Lilt - Lois McKay; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Kerry Meehan.

Overall winner - Kerry Meehan; 2, Lois McKay; 3, Megan Braid, Leuchars.