Death camp survivor tells her story at Grove

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A remarkable visit by an Auschwitz survivor gave a poignant insight into the Holocaust story for pupils and parents at Grove Academy.

Step-sister of famous diary writer Anne Frank, and co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust, Eva Schloss delivered an impassioned speech last Wednesday.

“The pupils were smitten to hear this phenomenal speaker,” said Gerry Dillon, head of religious studies at Grove, “she engaged them in a way I had never seen before.

“There were a lot of parents who were emotional and in tears but the pupils put to Eva accomplished and enlightened questions. They were brilliant.”

Founded in 1990, the Anne Frank Trust UK uses Anne’s life and inspirational message as an anchor to educate people about damage caused by all forms of prejudice and discrimination. The Trust engages young people across the country and supports them in the development of positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others.

The Trust has run a permanent programme in Scotland since 2008.

Tackling the sensitive and challenging topic, Grove pupils are introduced to the themes early in their secondary schooling and progress their understanding of the deeper issues as they get older.

“The Anne Frank Trust got involved and five Dundee schools were asked to invite 18 S2 pupils to train as guides for an exhibition that was brought to the school,” said Mr Dillon.

“The pupils were absolutely amazing. They spoke with such confidence and knowledge and gained fantastic skills. A big thanks to Dundee City Council and the Big Lottery for finding the funding to give these people such a tremendous experience.”