Deep clean after sewage spill at Carnoustie High

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Pupils were left unsure whether to return to school today after a sewage pipe burst in Carnoustie High School yesterday afternoon.

Carnoustie High School yesterday afternoon.

Reports of effluent running down the walls and into lockers prompted action from the school.

The affected area was cordoned off but the main building remained open.

A source told the Arbroath Herald that the problem stemmed from the disabled toilet on the third floor, appearing to be a design flaw exacerbated by an unusual hook up to the sinks on that floor. Sewage was blocking the social area and access to the lockers.

The school contacted parents via email and text message to inform them that the school would be open today (Friday) following a professional deep clean.

Angus Council released a statement yesterday saying: “Carnoustie HS will open as normal tomorrow. Clean up happening tonight. Thanks to everyone for their patience.”

Ambiguity surrounding the incident led some parents to question sending their children into school today.

Parent Wendy Soave said: “I’m not sending my daughter in because i’m not entirely convinced that its safe. It may have been deep cleaned and look acceptable, but its what the eye can’t see that worries me. I would be much happier if it was tested by health officials and given the all clear.”

However parents Richie Fenwick did send his children to school. He said: “Had a quick tour of the High School... No obvious signs of yesterday’s drama (apart from the ceiling tiles removed above the stairway). Some lockers have been emptied and stored until school, kids and environmental health agree what to do. What was reported online yesterday was, according to the school, exaggerated. My kids are attending today.”

School lunches were apparently also disrupted and reports suggest pupils were given £2 to buy something to eat elsewhere.

Councillor Brian Boyd visited the site this morning and reported that the deep clean was successfully completed. He also said: “The canteen wasn’t affected, a chiller was, and has been removed.”