Design award

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BRUNTON Design Studio was delighted to be given a Design Excellence Award by The Montrose Society for their Williamson House at a ceremony held on Thursday to recognise examples of excellence in civic design.

“We had a great client who wanted to build an extremely energy efficient house but one which had a bit of character to it,” said studio principal, Rodger Brunton.

“Thank goodness the planners saw merit in the shape and concept. So often houses end up pastiche copies of what is nearby, but this tight long site needed something special”.

Replacing an old veterinarian surgery, this Links positioned house has become a visitor destination. “It’s not the first time that the owners have come down to breakfast to find a face pressed up against the glass,” said project architect, Alastair Fitchet.

Another Carnoustie connections was that contractor Mike Winterton also received an award certificate.