Dey calls for London-EU deal to be matched for Angus

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Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has called on the UK Government to match for Angus and Scotland any attempts to keep the City of London in the European single market.

Mr Dey has challenged Conservative MSPs to apply pressure to their Westminster colleagues with an aim to making sure that Angus South workers and businesses can also benefit from any deal brokered to keep the City of London in the single market.

The UK Government is reportedly seeking a deal to keep access to the single market for London’s financial institutions – which could mean a post-Brexit UK paying billions towards the EU’s budget.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meanwhile, has confirmed that the Scottish Government will bring forward specific demands to protect Scotland’s relationship with Europe, which will include proposals to keep Scotland in the single market.

Graeme Dey MSP commented: “The argument that it would be impossible for Theresa May and the Tories to contemplate a deal for Scotland to remain in the single market has been blown apart by the news that the UK Government is exploring options to keep the City of London in the single market – something that would involve them contributing billions of pounds towards the EU budget.

“If the UK Government is willing to pursue a special deal for London, then they should also be able to consider something similar for Scotland, meaning Angus South businesses would continue to have access to the single market.

“There shouldn’t be one rule for bankers in London and another for Scotland – especially considering the overwhelming vote by people across Scotland to remain in Europe.

“The Scottish Government has been working hard to protect Scotland’s interests and our membership of the European Union. But we need the UK Government to step up to the mark. And it is not unreasonable to look to Tory parliamentarians to bring some pressure to bear to ensure that happens.

“Failure on their part to do that would be a clear sign that rather than being prepared to stand up for Scotland’s best interests they are content to see London impose a deeply damaging Brexit on the country and the people and businesses they are meant to represent.”