Disappointment for High School FPs

CARNOUSTIE travelled to play Harris on Saturday at the university field on Riverside Drive.

The homesters kicked off into the wind with Colin Murray gathering the ball which was played back and kicked, allowing Harris to field and run back, but they mishandled.

FPs won the scrum and attempted a drop goal which missed the posts. Harris attempted to set up a drive, but then lost the ball. They won the scrum against the head and drew a penalty which was tapped and run wide at pace for the winger to break clear and touchdown with full points.

From the restart the home team was caught offside and Carnoustie took a tap and ran, but knocked on. The FP’s forwards fed.

After the restart the visitors took a penalty when Harris failed to release on the ground. The penalty was long but stayed in play and was touched down.

After being held up in a tackle, the home side won the scrum and broke down the blind side to score out wide, but failed to convert.

Forcing Harris into touch the FPs gained a penalty from the line out, which was chipped over the top, Harris conceded a penalty which Bruce Langlands converted. Harris restarted, finding touch and from the line out they took the ball against the throw and broke upfield to gain a further penalty. This was tapped and with good hands a home player broke wide to touch down, but again couldn’t convert. Carnoustie restarted with the homesters fielding, but they were caught in possession and held onto the ball on the ground, allowing FPs to convert the subsequent penalty.

Half-time: Harris 17, Carnoustie 9.

The visitors restarted the game with Johnny Christie fielding and setting up a drive, which Harris stopped illegally. The penalty was tapped, and a series of drives allowed Ian Reid to charge through a gap in the defence to add a further five points.

The restart kick was again fielded by Christie but the ball was turned over and a penalty conceded which Harris converted.

The home side forced a five-metre scrum in the FPs corner, won the ball and crossed over the line, but failed to convert.

A failure to clear a loose ball by Harris allowed the FP backs and Bruce Langlands to puncture the defence and touch down behind the posts, with a conversion added.

Harris finished the scoring, exploiting a space on the far wing, but failed again to convert.

Team: Coffield, Bowles, Burwood, Rankin, Shepherd, Langlands, Jeffrey, Hall, Murray, Feighan, Dawson, Millar, Esposito, Christie, Hughes, Nicholson, Cook, Reid, Dissel, Cowan, McDonald.