Dogs have their day at East Haven share station

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The Dog Share Stations installed in East Haven during the summer are proving a hit with dogs and their owners.

East Haven and its beautiful surrounds are a popular destination for dog walkers, and in order to keep the area pristine a joint venture has seen a ‘share station’ installed to provide poo bags and now dog treats.

Wendy Murray from East Haven Together said: “The charity could not afford a system which would involve supplying a constant source of dog bags but it was clear that some sort of facility would be useful on the occasions that people found themselves without.

“We were not sure how the concept of a Dog Share Station would be supported but have been overwhelmed by the way locals and visitors have kept the units topped up over the summer months.

“The addition of a dog treat box has also gone down well and we were delighted to accept a donation of additional bags and healthy dog treats from Carnoustie Canine Capers.

Flora Cairnie, co-ordinator of Carnoustie Canine Capers added that they were happy to promote healthier dog treats from Kronch at the East Haven Share Stations.

She said: “These days we are much more aware of the need for humans to eat more healthily but we don’t often think about our dogs.

“Kronch make a range of healthy treats for dogs and as a distributor we are very pleased to provide samples for the Dog Stations in East Haven.”