Domestic abuse at Christmas

THE FESTIVE period means “violence, fear and broken toys” for some women in Angus according to Anne Brown of Angus Women’s Aid.

This message comes as victims of domestic abuse across the county are urged to seek the help that they need.

National statistics show that a quarter of women will be subjected to violence at the hands of their partner at some point in their lives, and support agencies across Angus and the Mearns are all too aware that the holiday season will see a substantial rise in incidents.

Mrs Brown has said that there are a variety of factors that result in the increase of domestic abuse at this time of year.

She said that due to families feeling forced to spend time together and the often plentiful supply of alcohol “a kind of hot-house situation” will develop.

Quite often, women who experience violence over the Christmas period will feel pressured into not reporting incidents for fear of upsetting family or children.

Mrs Brown said that despite the isolation women can feel from living in a rural area such as Angus and the Mearns they should still seek help - even if not from official sources.

She said: “My message is - talk to somebody.”

Angus Women’s Aid can be contacted on 0141 439 457 while Grampian Women’s Aid can be contacted on 01224 593381.