Don’t be caught out if you’re caught short!

Norries Road.
Norries Road.

CARNOUSTIE folk could be soon caught short thanks to cost-cutting measures proposed by Angus Council.

The local authority is considering the future of 15 public toilets throughout Angus, with three in the town under threat.

Ferrier Street.

Ferrier Street.

The unmanned facilities on Barry Road, Ferrier Street and Norries Road have been earmarked for closure as they are proving too costly for people wanting to spend a penny!

Existing facilities at Easthaven beach, Carnoustie Park caravan park, Carnoustie Leisure Centre and the automated convenience on Station Road will be retained.

A report issued in October by director of neighbourhood services Ron Ashton outlined the problems in running 33 unmanned toilets faced by Angus Council.

He said: “There are significant problems managing unsupervised public conveniences as these are at times subject of abuse.

Barry Road.

Barry Road.

“While every effort is made to maintain these premises, standards generally remain very basic.”

According to the director unmanned public conveniences have become an anachronism. He continued: “At one time, it was the duty of local authorities to provide public conveniences where no one else would.

“With the public having greater mobility by motor vehicle and a wider provision of toilets in commercial premises, it is suggested that minimal use is made of the traditional public conveniences, most established over 50 years ago.”

Closing the unmanned facilities in Angus will, according to the report, save the authority around £62,000 with £10,000 of this reinvested in the remaining services.

The council’s aim is to provide so-called ‘superloo’ facilities in each Angus burgh, Carnoustie and Monifieth being so far unfulfilled.

The report stated: “Without doubt, the ‘superloo’ concept and provision has been a great success and continues to fulfil a continuing demand from both the residents of Angus and visitors to the area.

“Total user numbers of the ‘superloo’ facilities across Angus in a typical year is in the region of 120,000.”

It continued: “Despite a number of site options in Carnoustie over the last 10 years, a ‘superloo’ in that town has not yet been achieved.”

Carnoustie Community Council chair Jim Simpson is keen to see that Carnoustie does not suffer as a result of the closures.

He said: “We appreciate that the facilities proposed for closure have been in operation for many years and that they may now not meet with the expectations of locals and visitors in terms of standards of comfort and hygiene.

“We must remember that Carnoustie and Monifieth are the only two burghs in Angus that do not have a modern, high amenity ‘superloo’ facility, and securing such a provision for Carnoustie should be a priority.

“We held a meeting on Monday night to discuss the situation and people are keen to save the Barry Road public toilet because of the adjacent Pitskelly Park and medical centre.

“Angus Council hasn’t been able to produce user numbers for the unmanned toilets so it is difficult for the community council to make a judgement and for Angus Council this appears to be based on the cost of upkeep not on how well used it is in the absence of hard figures.”

He added: “Angus Council are currently seeking the views of local residents over these proposals and if you have any comments, ideas or even suggestions for a superloo location, please contact either Angus Council on or visit our website, and let us know what you think.”