Drive considerately in Carnoustie

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Police are appealing for drivers in Carnoustie to be more considerate when driving and to refrain from parking illegally.

Tayside Division of Police Scotland has been made aware of incidents of illegal parking and inconsiderate driving in the town and is taking the opportunity to remind motorists of the dangers of doing so.

Sergeant Andy Carroll said: “We want drivers to understand the impact of their actions. We do not condone the behaviour of an inconsiderate minority and we will take action where appropriate.

“Police Scotland still has responsibility for illegal parking in Angus, including double yellow lines and zigzags. The double yellow lines are put in place by the local authority for a reason. They are there to keep pedestrians and road users safe.

“Parking on pavements is also illegal and causes many problems. By driving and parking responsibly and showing consideration for other road users and pedestrians, drivers can ensure the safety of others.

“Angus Council has preserved free parking to encourage the use of car parks, of which there are plenty.”

What do you think about the standard of driving and parking issues in Carnoustie?