Driving force puts Fiona on top of the world

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A CARNOUSTIE woman was crowned ladies’ racing champion at the weekend.

Fiona Wallace (21) was named Scottish Motor Racing Club Mini ladies’ champion on Saturday at Knockhill racing circuit after a spectacular racing season.

Fiona has been racing Austen Mini Coopers for two seasons and is part of the Mini Max Racing team alongside fellow drivers Vic Covey and Hamish Brandon.

Fiona went into the race at Knockhill comfortably clear of her closest rivals, and in spite of a few technical hitches she carried the title by four points with three races to spare.

Her father, Ian, explained: “She suffered some engine problems for all three races but still finished with enough points to clinch the championship.

“Elaine Marshall had three great races as did Louise Flitton and Emma Bruce but they could not catch Fiona.”

Fiona was previously featured in the Guide & Gazette as she prepared to battle it out at Knockhill racing circuit in support of the British Touring Championship where her winning performance cemented her position.

Saturday’s race was shown live on ITV and according to her father was full of “fantastic bumper to bumper racing!”

Ian added: “It’s been a great season with many twists and turns around Knockhill and other racing circuits.

“Fiona is totally dedicated to the sport where she has become an exceptionally good driver from the skills picked up on the race track.

“It’s an absolutely superb win in only her second season racing minis.”

Fiona was part of Carnoustie High School’s ‘Team Peragon’ project three years ago which won the Jaguar sponsored design and race competition to build and race a model car which ignited her interest in motor racing.

Her interest was encouraged by Ian Milton, father of a school friend, also called Fiona, who raced at Knockhill, and taking up the gauntlet Fiona Wallace has certainly taken a shine to the adrenaline rush of motor sports.

To celebrate Fiona’s win her team-mates Vic and Hamish donned purple wigs in her honour.

The next race will take place at Knockhill on Sunday, October 9, and will also be the last race of the season.

Picture by Kevin Finlay Photography.