Dudley D Watkins art sells for £950

Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop and Councillor Kevin Cordell with the Dudley D. Watkins plaque.
Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop and Councillor Kevin Cordell with the Dudley D. Watkins plaque.

An original piece of artwork by legendary Beano artist Dudley D Watkins - who live in Broughty Ferry - was sold at auction on Tuesday for £950.

The artwork was part of a collection of items auctioned at Curr and Dewar auctioneers in Dundee.

The full size framed Lord Snooty cartoon, an original hand drawn by Dudley D. Watkins, shows German bombers suspending a bee hive from swastika adorned planes.

But they don’t faze Lord Snooty and pals - who only try to take revenge because the “secret weapon” interrupts their football game.

The artwork - published in the Beano in April 1940 was described by auctioneers as “an outstanding work”.

Also under the hammer was a rare set of the earliest Oor Wullie books, which sold for more than £5000. The set featured a full collection of the books, from it’s first edition to the most recent published this year for the comic’s 80th anniversary.

The very first book fetched £2800, while the second and third sold for £1500 and £900 respectively.

Meanwhile, another annual - this time the third edition of the Broons - went for an incredible 

Auctioneer Steven Dewar said there had been “significant interest” in the comic collection from buyers.

The set of books was discovered by a man in his loft years after they had been handed down to him by his father.

The vendor, who opted to remain anonymous, was in the saleroom to see the books go under the hammer.

Mr Dewar said: “He is delighted, and so are we. There was a lot of interest and the sale has gone really well.”

Mr Dewar said the Oor Wullie books had been found in an attic by their owner after he had spotted an identical one on the BBC’s Antique Roadshow.

Mr Dewar said: “He saw it and thought ‘I’ve seen that’ and went into the loft and there it was.

“They were his father’s - but he has no family and so the time was right to sell them.

“I had put a note on our website about the Oor Wullie books and another seller approached me with the Dudley D. Watkins artwork.

“The vendor says he almost certainly bought it from my father at auction in the 70s - and wouldn’t have paid more than £20 for it.

“The Oor Wullie books would have been pennies when they were first sold.

“The framed artwork is an original, drawn by Dudley D. Watkins.

“It was drawn for Beano number 92 and appeared on April 27 1940.

“Whether there was a little bit of a government push to boost the people’s morale we don’t know.

“It is a great story - it really is.

“The thought processes behind these artworks are so incredible.

“They did some of these propaganda works for Lord Snooty, Desperate Dan and The Broons.

“I think in those ones Hen and Joe Broon went off to war, that kind of thing.

“They were there to give the people a boost - and they survive now as outstanding works.”

Dudley D. Watkins is one of the most celebrated cartoonists to have worked on famed DC Thomson comics such as The Beano, Oor Wullie and The Broons.

He died in 1969 - but was honoured in 2013 in a new Historic Scotland scheme with a plaque erected on his Broughty Ferry home marking where he lived and worked.