Early morning buzz was Open mission

SLEEPY-HEADED residents of Carnoustie were rudely awoken yesterday (Thursday) by an enthusiastic helicopter pilot.

At around 5 a.m. a helicopter could be seen and heard circling the golf course, causing a great uproar amongst local Facebook and Twitter users.

Theories as to its purpose abounded, from a celebrity waiting for landing permission at the Golf Hotel, to some kind of search programme or even an early morning combat drop at Barry Buddon,

The reality was in fact a great deal more prosaic, and it was revealed to be filming the course in preparation for the Ricoh Ladies’ Open.

A spokesperson for the Golf Links Management Committee explained that the survey sweeps were for the BBC coverage for the event at the end of July.

In order to film the course minus the usual golfing parties, the helicopter had to be aloft at such an early hour.

The pilot was instructed to land at the Buddon practice area rather than the small landing pad near the Golf Hotel in order to minimise inconvenience.

It was hoped that the helicopter would not disturb residents, but it appears that despite best efforts there were still a few curses hurled skywards.