East Haven launch for Action Plan

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The Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and its many community friends will be gathering at East Haven on Friday, August 26, to officially launch the new Biodiversity Action Plan.

This will coincide with the launch of the BioBlitz, which the local community will be undertaking over a 24 hour period.  Pupils of Woodlands Primary School will be presenting their songs, poetry and art to everyone before spending the afternoon exploring the beach with the Angus Alive Rangers.

Catherine Lloyd, the Partnership’s Co-ordinator, confirmed that some of the Partnership’s initiatives, such as the Angus BeeWild Project, started as pilot projects and new funding is sought to widen the concept across Tayside. She said: “The original project - led jointly by the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and Voluntary Action Angus - has seen a variety of wildlife enhancements take place throughout the grounds of nine Angus care homes, a day care centre and a sheltered housing complex.

“There is so much enthusiasm from staff members, residents and their relatives to improve their garden grounds not just for themselves to enjoy, but to help pollinators such as bumblebees and butterflies. Some are also taking part in citizen science surveys such as noting how many swifts fly over the garden in the summer and how many butterflies or moths can be seen flitting amongst the flowers near the patio.”

Similarly, community groups East Haven Together and Dighty Connect, as well as volunteers at Carnoustie and Montrose golf links, have all been busy planting Kidney Vetch for the Angus Small Blue Butterfly Project. 

The attractive plant is the only food plant of this charismatic and rare butterfly, which used to be widespread across Angus, but is now only found in isolated pockets.

A copy of the new Biodiversity Action Plan can be downloaded from www.taysidebiodiversity.co.uk