Eclectic mix at Speakers’ Club

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President Robert Peat welcomed members and one guest to the latest meeting of Arbroath Speakers’ Club.

After a brief business session he performed the unusual task of introducing himself as Speakers’ Chairman for the evening then assumed that role to introduce the evenings speakers.

First on the programme was Robert Hill who delivered a ‘Researched Speech’ chronicling the contribution of South African troops to the British war effort in World War One.

Jackie Stewart then used ‘Vocabulary and Word Pictures’ to relate a few anecdotes surrounding the Loch Ness Monster and rounded this off with a true tale of unexplained phenomenon involving a boat trip up the loch on which she had been crew.

Duncan Stewart was next and exercising ‘The Use of the Voice‘, gave members a very detailed explanation of the modern postcode system for mail delivery.

The speech evaluators were John Winterton, Jim Christie and Eric Buick.

Danny Martin took over the meeting as Topics Chairman and as his theme asked six chosen members to complete popular sayings with an alternative ending

e.g. A bird in the hand---?, Too many cooks---?, If at first you don’t succeed---?

Eric Buick, Sharon Cumming, Christine Watkin, Mary Law, Norma Findlay and June Jelly all responded with humour and some very unusual but interesting suggestions.

Jackie Barrack as general evaluator summarised the evening’s contributions and made her own observations for future programmes. The vote of thanks was given by timekeeper Katy Webster.

The next meeting is at the Meadowbank Inn on November 6 when the club will hold an open evening to which the public is cordially invited.

For details call 01241 437779.