Education through film

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An ambitious initiative to put film at the heart of learning for young people has come to Arbroath. Timmergreens Primary School and Arbroath High School are already benefiting from Into Film Scotland’s film club. It gives pupils an opportunity to watch, discuss, review and learn through watching a variety of films, such as features, documentaries, shorts, classics and foreign language films. Now Into Film is inviting more schools to take part in the ‘See, Think, Make, Imagine’ programme and is offering professional training and online resources to make their own films and access curriculum linked resources.

Paul Reeve, chief executive officer of Into Film said: “Film is the richest of educational resources: because of its extraordinary production values in which art, science and technology meet, its synthesis of art forms that tell compelling stories, and the enormous historic, literary, geographic, linguistic, cultural and social value and relevance these stories embody, which speak across age, class, gender and background.” For more information on the opportunities available visit or