Allez Les Bleu as France win ‘Eurofieth’

'France' win Eurofieth at Monifieth High School
'France' win Eurofieth at Monifieth High School

Following the highly successful Monifieth High ‘World Cup’ and ‘Eurofieth’ events in recent years, a similar cross curricular event has taken place this year during the summer term.

The aim of this event is to create links between various curricular groups and subject knowledge, enabling pupils to view the relevance of learning and experience how different subjects actually interlink such as hospitality, modern languages, PE, ICT, maths and English.

Eurofieth involves all pupils in first year and takes place during late May and early June.

Every pupil in S1 is part of a team, representing a country.

They compete in their teams, or countries, throughout different lessons and latterly, over lunchtimes to try and win the coveted winners title.

World Cup and Europe links are made within other departments such as writing match reports, looking at the diet of footballers, researching teams and players, completing statistics, performance charts, tables, and enquiring/investigative work as well as many other interesting activities across the school.

The opening ceremony presentation showed the activities the pupils had been busying themselves with throughout the school event.

They also took the Eurofieth Oath impressively, in both English and French, where all pupils committed to doing their best.

After the knockout stages and semi-finals, the Grand Final took place over an extended lunchtime on June 14.

Footballing skills were at their best during the tense final, fought out between France and Switzerland in which pupils and staff flocked to the field to watch the matches taking place.

The assembled crowd were also treated to a surprise performance by French teacher Mr Julien who sang a resounding rendition of the French national anthem, ‘La Marseillaise’.

Following this display of Continental entertainment the final kicked into action.

After a fantastic, closely fought match, France edged into the lead, winning 2-1.

Man of the Match was awarded to Jude Hughes. Throughout the tournament the top goal scorers were Marc McKinley and Neve Simpson. The event was also supported by senior pupils who not only worked as referees but also provided some entertaining commentary.

A delicious strawberry tea was laid on by the hospitality class, which proved very popular. All parents and staff attending spoke very highly of the cakes and strawberry tarts provided.

Well done to all involved in this successful and enjoyable venture.